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Lactalia – Talia rubbing her pregnant belly

We saw these lactalia pics and the very first thing which came to mind was -Cleofatra- as she’s lying there along with her large belly. She feels real comfortable on our sofa and she said that she could played with herself the whole day. however we only had her for about 4 hours. Check out more lactalia galleries inside.

lactalia-talia-rubbing-her-pregnant-belly lactalia-talia-rubbing-her-pregnant-belly-and-fingering-her-pussy

Check out Talia rubbing her big preggo belly!

Lactalia – Playing with big dildo

We’re back again with an awesome lactalia update, that I am pretty sure it’s going to make your day. If you are in the mood to see a naughty whore pleasuring herself with a huge toy, this is the perfect occasion for you. This incredibly hot babe is always needy and craving for fuck so she decided to have a little time for herself today, and for her sweet pussy. Because her fingers won’t fill her pussy completely, she decided to take her huge black dildo, to shove it deep inside, just to make sure that she is stuffed entirely. Enjoy! For similar content enter the site and see other kinky ladies stuffing their pussies!


See horny Lactalia fucking herself with that huge toy!

Latina licks breast milk off a stool

I am pretty sure that the next lactalia video will simply blow your mind! It’s so terribly insane that I am hard only when I am thinking of it. This naughty babe, Talia is definitely the kind of babe that can take advantage of her body and all of his strong points. Today she climbed on a tall bar stool, with one of her legs bent over it, while she was milking herself. All of her white sweet milk splashed from her massive boobs over that stool, spraying it with drops of dairy. She licked all of that milk with a harmful hunger. Check out the site if you can’t wait until the next week’s post and you are looking for similar videos and pics!

lactalia-licking-her-breast-milk Enjoy watching Talia licking her breast milk!

Lactalia – In the hot tub

As you already know, lactalia updates are always the best. You can’t be dissatisfied with all of these pregnant babes naughty and horny all the time. Today, in this specific update, Talia will show you how she can have fun all by herself, without any other help. She was taking a long warm bath, when she suddenly felt that it’s time for something kinky. She was so horny that she couldn’t help it anymore, so she started to rub her big ass with her palms, while she shoved one of her fingers deep into her butthole. Let’s see what this babe is capable off!

lactlia-fingering-her-ass Have fun watching pregnant Talia fingering her ass!

Playing with a blue dildo

They say women are at their best when they are pregnant. So let’s see if this statement it’s true, in our very new lactalia update. This incredible currently pregnant babe, our naughty Talia is trying all kinds of things and she is experimenting different kind of sensations ever since she found out she is expecting a baby. Her libido is considerably increased ever since she is with child, so she is horny practically all the time, it’s the only thing she can think of. Today she felt sick of how much her pussy was trembling after a cock, so she took her blue sexual toy and she started to fuck herself deep and hard, until she had the most incredible orgasm. Check out the site if you wanna see other beauties dildo fucking their tight cunts!

pregant-talia-with-blue-dildo Click here and watch prego Talia fucking herself!

Prego cutie drinks milk

We are proud to present you our latest lactalia update, where you can watch this brunette hottie drinking her own milk. This horny pregnant babe is crazy about her own massive boobs, especially now, when she is pregnant and they have grown big time, so she can reach her own nipples with her mouth and her lips. She adores to suck her breasts and nips right until her milk begins to flow, for her own delight. It’s a very awesome thing to be able to pick the fruits directly from the source, if you know what I mean. So let’s see what this hot babe is capable of!


See this prego cutie drinking her own milk! 

Lactalia – Anal penetration

It seems like all the lactalia updates are kicking asses. And I am not the only one who is saying this. They say that pregnant babes are the most horny ones, and you can see it too in the following video, so you’ll trust me. Lactalia is a very naughty chick who is always craving for tools, as many as possible. And lately, she was craving for something hard and deeply shoved into her firm ass hole. So she took her huge blue dildo and she started to push it there, deep into her black hole, until the end of the road. Let’s enjoy this incredible video! For more action, enter the site and see some sleepy ladies getting fucked!


Watch Lactalia inserting a toy in her tight ass!

Lactalia – Sweet breast milk

In our following lactalia update, you will have the incredible chance to watch Talia, the naughtiest chick ever, drinking her own breast milk. I think this is fucking insane, but in the same time it turns me on for good. So let’s all have a look at this kinky whore and watch her having fun with her body, touching herself, in particular her gorgeous and of course immense pregnant MILF breasts filled with milk. She loves to squeeze her boobs and her huge erect nipples, until her milk explodes in rivers. She is likey that her boobs are big enough for her to reach them, so she can lick her nipples without any other help.

talia-licking-her-breast-milkWatch kinky Talia drinking her own breast milk! 

Playing with big dildos

In the following lactalia video, you will see these naughty pregnant whore having fun with one of her favorite dildos. Even though she is preganant, she doesn’t want to miss any chance to enjoy her body, and specially her still stretched pussy. She took the black toy from her drawer and she started to lick it on and on, just to make it wet, smooth and of course slippery enough to be shoved into her pussy. Because she didn’t had any lube around, she licked that toy with lots of spit, so she could stiff her pussy hard and deep. Let’s watch her being naughty and wild!


 Watch horny Talia fucking herself with big dildos!

Lactalia – Naked i the window

As you all pregnant babes fans are waiting for, we prepared an awesome lactalia update, so you can feast with it. For this time, Talia was in the mood for a photo session, and, as she is very proud of her pregnant body, she is willing to show it to all of you. She likes to get naked and be captured in different kinds of positions, like near to a window, with her bottom lift way up, or with one of her legs climbed on the window’s frame, just to offer you a full image of her wet pussy. She’s a real dirty beast, just like the chicks from the site!


Watch pregnant Talia standing naked in the window! 

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